Data Lab

The Data Lab serves as a research hub and technical core for the Center for Global Health Science and Security. We design and build software platforms that support data collection, data access, computational modeling, and visualization. This work is grounded in ontology and taxonomy development, data integration, modeling and AI, and decision support. We play a critical role in using data engineering and modeling to link the scientific data and modeling results coming out of epidemiological analysis, climate assessments, zoonotic disease risk, and human immune risk to the policy and governance environment in which those data need to be used and the practical, operational decisions that need to be made. Our work translates data at the intersection of health, policy, and operations into actionable, accessible information for decision makers in academia, industry, and government to respond to public health needs from local to global scales.
Many of our tools can be found at:

What We Do

We build platforms for collecting and using global health data in support of critical global health research, from policy to wildlife disease data. We have built a suite of tools, organized around a standard ontology and taxonomy to build the evidence base for the field. 

We develop and test frameworks for regulating data and data processing tools to balance individual privacy protection and data sharing to support the public good. 

We partner across academia, industry, and government to design and build platforms that demonstrate the art of the possible at the intersection of engineering and policy. We work with international organizations including the WHO and WOAH to identify the resources needed to drive global health response and build data integration and access platforms to make those data available. We work with industry to design and implement policy and practices for better data governance and AI practices. We work with state, tribal, and federal governments to craft engineering-informed regulatory frameworks that can be applied at scale.

Principal Investigator

Dr. Ellie Graeden, Ph.D.
Research Professor

The Team

Hailey Robertson
Data Research Analyst

David Rosado, M.Sc.
Data Scientist

Tess Stevens, M.A.
UX Designer

Ryan Zimmerman
Software Engineer

Key Projects

Analysis and Mapping of Policies for Emerging Infectious Diseases (AMP EID)

The Analysis and Mapping of Policies for Emerging Infectious Diseases (AMP EID) platform provides a landscape assessment of the policies and governance regimes relevant to emerging infectious diseases and outbreak response.

Data Governance

In February 2023 we hosted the Data Privacy Symposium, which focused on the intersection of engineering and policy implementation. As part of this work we are developing and testing frameworks for regulating data and data processing tools that enable the dual goals of protecting individual privacy while also facilitating data sharing for the public good.

COVID Analysis and Mapping of Policies

The COVID Analysis and Mapping of Policies (COVID AMP) visualization tool is a comprehensive database of policies and plans used to address the COVID-19 pandemic.

Biosecurity Central

Biosecurity Central is a publicly available, web-based library that helps users find relevant and reliable resources for key areas of biosecurity and is supported by the WOAH.