How to End a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted everyone on earth. This project captures stories from the front lines of people engaged in ending the COVID-19 pandemic and the steps they have taken to mitigate the impacts of the virus. COVID-19 has demonstrated that ending a pandemic requires efforts by people from all sectors of society. Here, we highlight individuals who have engaged in a range of pandemic response activities, such as designing the logistics to vaccinate the population, ramping up the vaccine development process, advising governments and private sector entities, creating surveillance testing programs, communicating public health practices to the public, standing up contact tracing programs, protecting vulnerable populations, organizing governors, and keeping hospitals safe.
Tens of thousands of people have worked to end this pandemic. Here we celebrate them.

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We will then reach out via email to schedule a 20 minute interview and ask the following questions: Who are you? What were you doing in December 2019? What have you done since the start of the pandemic? What are you planning to do next?

Additionally, don’t hesitate to email Sharon Abramowitz ( with questions. New interviews will be added regularly! The Principal Investigator of this project is Dr. Rebecca Katz.