How to End a Pandemic

How to End a Pandemic is a new initiative based at the Center for Global Health Science and Security at Georgetown University. Kicking off in 2023, the initiative will expand public access to knowledge, innovation, and insights from pandemic preparedness and response. Under the leadership of CGHSS Director Rebecca Katz and PI Sharon Abramowitz, How to End a Pandemic is a leading convenor of scientific and cultural knowledge, insight, and experience about pandemic preparedness and response and global health security. 

Our Work

Oral History Archives – Growth and Acquisition:

The How to End a Pandemic Archive project collects and curates oral history research from a wide variety of stakeholders in pandemic preparedness and response in publicly available archives. Our aim is to share innovations and insights on pandemics with the public and research community to inform solutions to the global public health, climate change, and biosecurity challenges of the future through oral history interviews and archives acquisitions.

How to End a Pandemic Podcast

Check out our monthly podcast, where we interview key actors in past, present, and future epidemics from a wide range of political, business, industry, and public health backgrounds. Experts share experiences, stories, insights, and innovations to explore how we can learn from the past to better prepare for the next global health threat. You can find it at the podcast streamer of your choice: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcast, Podcast Index, Amazon Music, Podcast Addict, Podchaser, Pocket Cast, Deezer, Listen Notes, and Player FM. You can also follow us on Instagram at @howtoendapandemic and Twitter at @endapandemicpod.

Advanced Studies Pandemic Training and Research Program

The Center for Global Health Science and Security provides training and mentorship to graduate, post-doctorate, visiting scholars, and practitioners to optimize the use and expansion of the archive to create new insights for public health emergency praxis and policy.

Pandemic Arts

We are partnering with Georgetown’s Humanities Initiative, Medical Humanities Initiative, and the Department of History to establish the Pandemic Arts Initiative, which will support the creation of visual, performing, and literary arts inspired by the experiences of responders involved in pandemics and global infectious disease outbreaks. We are partnering with GU’s Earth Commons to develop curriculum and public engagement opportunities at the intersection of climate change and disease outbreaks across the Capitol region.

Who We Are

Check out this article about the project.

Contact Us

You can learn more about the How to End a Pandemic Project by contacting Sharon Abramowitz.

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