Ryan Zimmerman

Software Engineer

Ryan Zimmerman is a Software Engineer for the Data Lab at the Georgetown University Center for Global Health, Science, and Security. He works primarily on the architecture and implementation of both the front and back end of Data Lab projects and on data structures and analysis. Ryan is particularly passionate about building complex interactions and tools which make data and analysis more approachable and intuitive for users. In the past, Ryan has been a storyteller and communicator across several types of media, including on-location photography and graphic design.

Before Georgetown, Ryan worked for Talus Analytics, a research and analytics firm in Boulder, Colorado, led by Dr. Ellie Graeden. At Talus, he built visualizations, user interfaces, and databases for clients, including CGHSS projects, PHAROS, COVID AMP, Biosecurity Central, Tracking, Health Security Net, and others. At Talus, Ryan worked to make sure the connections between the data, research, and story were as deeply connected to the final output as possible. Ryan earned his B.S. Degree in Economics from St. Olaf University.