Contract Opportunities

Illustrator for Public Health Book

Close date: March 15, 2023

Project Scope

The Outbreak Atlas is a comprehensive guide for the general population to follow what goes on in preparation for, in response to, and while recovering from an infectious disease outbreak. It provides an overview of outbreak activities alongside compelling case studies to guide readers through the complexity involved in outbreak preparedness, response, and recovery.

We are seeking to obtain paid services of an illustrator who can help bring the book to life, by providing doodle or field guide style illustrations to different elements for the book, from outbreak activity descriptions, to case studies and fun facts. The manuscript is 77,000 words, broken into 15 chapters. We need roughly 60 illustrations. Around 10 would be larger illustrations of, for example, the different types of epidemiology curves, a cold chain flow diagram, or a contact tracing map. The rest would be small, doodle or field note style pieces along the margins, at the start of chapters, and around the 141 case studies and fun facts, such as a doodle of a tick for a case study about lyme disease.

We are looking for someone with strong, creative drawing skills who is interested and committed to working with public health experts and help make the book engaging and visually interesting for the general public.


Please send your portfolio information by email to Mackenzine Moore, Senior Research Associate, at