Tabletop Exercise on the International Response to Deliberate Biological Events

Strengthening the global system for responding to deliberate biological events

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While large gaps remain in the international architecture for preventing, detecting, and responding to any pandemic threat, there are particular challenges associated with deliberate biological events, including lack of trust and standard operating procedures between relevant health, security, and humanitarian actors. 

In collaboration with the Nuclear Threat Initiative, the Center for Global Development, and Talus Analytics, the Georgetown Center for Global Health Science and Security convened a tabletop exercise in advance of the Munich Security Conference on the International Response to Deliberate Biological Events to elicit specific recommendations to strengthen coordination and response of the United Nations organizations and other international entities to a deliberate biological event. 

The event was hosted on February 14, 2019 in Munich.

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Contact Information

Subject matter questions about the exercise should be directed via email to Rebecca Katz. Members of the media who have questions about the exercise should email Sheila Ribeiro, the Center’s Operations Manager.