The Center for Global Health Science and Security at Georgetown University, directed by Dr. Rebecca Katz, was formally established in September 2016. The Center’s multi-disciplinary team develops evidence for action, providing decision makers with the tools they need for sustainable capacity building to prevent, detect and respond to public health emergencies. The team incorporates expertise in epidemiology, microbiology, virology, animal and human health systems, demography, economics, finance, statistics, and law.

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Erin Sorrell and Ellen Carlin are guest editors for a Special Issue on Zoonoses and One Health in the Journal of Tropical Medicine and Infectious Disease. This Special Issue will focus on advancements in zoonotic disease detection, transmission, epidemiology and host-pathogen interactions to emphasize research and capacity building among veterinary and public health scientists. In addition, this issue will also highlight One Health research, discussing the successes and challenges of working towards a One Health approach for infectious disease detection, prevention and response.

Please review the call for papers and submit by the 1 September 2019 deadline.


Rebecca Katz and Matt Boyce will serve as editors for a volume on pandemic preparedness in urban environments. This volume will present a series of innovative models that cities are using to implement policies and address the threats posed by infectious diseases. If you are interested in contributing, please contact Matt Boyce or see the request for proposals for more information.


The Center has endorsed the Joint NGO Statement to the Biological Weapons Convention Meeting of Experts. The statement is now available on the 2019 Meeting of Experts section of the BWC ISU website.

Read the statement here: Joint NGO Statements


In January 2018, a second edition of the JEE (JEE 2.0) was released, identifying revised targets for public health capacity. Stephanie Eaneff, Ellie Graeden, and Rebecca Katz collaborated to write a white paper characterizing the changes in JEE 2.0 and their potential impacts on global and national public health planning and operations efforts.

Read the paper here: Capacity building under the International Health Regulations (2005): ramifications of new implementation requirements in second edition Joint External Evaluation


In the wake of the outbreak, Guinea was targeted for substantial support and capacity building from the United States and other nations, particularly with respect to facilitating the recovery and renewal of the health system, and incorporating a One Health approach. Claire Standley, Erin Sorrell, Rebecca Katz, and colleagues recently published an article in One Health discussing an effective methodology for mapping systems and structures for zoonotic diseases, and the benefit of conducting a baseline review of systemic capabilities prior to embarking on capacity-building efforts.

Read the full article here: Assessing health systems in Guinea for prevention and control of priority zoonotic diseases: A One Health approach

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