Matthew Boyce, M.Sc.

Senior Research Associate

Matthew (Matt) Boyce is a Senior Research Associate at the Center for Global Health Science and Security at Georgetown University. He graduated with distinction from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2015 with a B.S. in Integrative Biology Honors, a minor in chemistry, and a research certificate. In 2017, he received an M.Sc. degree in Global Health from the Duke Global Health Institute (DGHI). His thesis focused on the use of malaria rapid diagnostic tests in Sub-Saharan Africa. During his time at DGHI, he worked as a research assistant for DGHI and spent three months in western Kenya conducting malaria research with community health workers. While at Duke, Matt also earned a Certificate in Sustainable International Development Policy from the Duke University Sanford School of Public Policy.

Matt contributes to a number of ongoing projects at the Center, including the Global Health Security Funding Tracking Tool, the IHR Costing Tool, the Urban Pandemic Preparedness Initiative, and the Center’s work on Deliberate Biological Events. His primary research interests include emerging infectious diseases, sustainable capacity building, and public health policy and preparedness in urban environments.

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