Urban Pandemic Plans

  • Monterey County Volunteer Management Plan.
    • Planning for disaster volunteers is an essential component of creating effective emergency response and recovery systems. The following plan details operational protocols for coordinating spontaneous unaffiliated volunteers and affiliated volunteers for the Monterey County Operational Area.  The plan is designed as an annex to the jurisdiction’s Emergency Operations Plan (EOP). It is not meant to stand alone but rather to be used in support of and in conjunction with the jurisdiction’s EOP and its responding agencies’ standard operational procedures.  


  • New York City Pandemic Influenza Surge Plan For Managing In- and Out-of-Hospital Deaths
    • The City of New York Office of Chief Medical Examiner (OCME) developed this plan to manage a surge in deaths that may result from a Pandemic Influenza event affecting New York City. This plan is an annex to the City of New York All Hazards Mass Fatality Management Plan, which outlines the City’s all-hazard response strategy for managing mass fatality operations.