Stephanie Eaneff

Senior Biostatistician & Research Professor

Stephanie is a statistician and a research instructor with the Georgetown University Center for Global Health Science and Security. She develops, documents, and evaluates data-driven systems in healthcare and public health. In this work, Steph collaborates closely with healthcare providers, legal experts, and health systems researchers to use data and emerging AI/ML technologies to inform real-world questions. She has supported data-sharing platforms to advance rare disease research, developed online tools to track and visualize global health financing, and helped to design and evaluate the first digital therapeutic product for postpartum depression. Her work has been used by the US FDA to inform how social media data can be used to identify and reduce medication errors and by the White House and National Security Council to understand better the data and models available to support decision-making during outbreaks.

Stephanie holds a master’s degree in statistical practice from Carnegie Mellon University and an undergraduate degree in biochemistry from UCLA. She was named a health innovation research fellow at UC Berkeley and UCSF. Her work has been published in JAMA and BMJ Global Health and featured in national and international venues like the US Department of Health and Human Services ‘Trustworthy AI Playbook’, the United Nations Biological Weapons Convention Meeting of Experts, and by High-Level Independent Panel of the G20.