Ciara Weets

Research Associate and Project Manager

Ciara Weets is a Research Associate and Project Manager at the Center for Global Health Science and Security, and a second year Master’s student in Georgetown University’s Global Infectious Disease program, pursuing a track in Science Policy. She graduated from Georgetown University in December 2022 with a B.S. in Science and Technology in International Affairs and a minor in Spanish.

As an undergraduate, Ciara joined the Center as an Undergraduate Research Assistant in Summer 2021 and contributed to the collation and curation of Health Security Net, a repository of pandemic preparedness and response documents for pandemics before 2020, and the COVID-AMP project. During her time as an undergraduate, Ciara also served as a TA in the Biology department and spent five years playing for Georgetown’s Varsity Field Hockey team.

Ciara’s research interests include emerging infectious diseases, antimicrobial resistance and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, childhood vaccination policies, data visualization, health financing and the role of policy in pandemic prevention, preparedness and response. At the Center, Ciara works with Dr. Katz, contributing to and leading projects mapping and analyzing the relationship between global health policies and health indicators.