James A. Banaski, Jr., MS, MEP, CEM

Center Affiliate

Mr. Jim Banaski is the Chief Executive Officer of Emergency Management Training & Consulting, LLC., a small consulting firm dedicated to international and domestic emergency management capacity building. Mr. Banaski is a world-wide recognized expert in the field of Public Health Emergency Management and the development of Public Health Preparedness & Response programs, and Public Health Emergency Operations Centers. Mr. Banaski retired from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention after 28 years of combined federal service, having also served with the Department of Defense, and the US Army. Mr. Banaski has provided technical assistance to countries in Central and South America, the Middle East, the Caribbean, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and Africa. Mr. Banaski is an 11-year veteran of the US Army Chemical Corp.

Mr. Banaski has served in numerous public health emergencies to include H1N1, numerous hurricanes, the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, the American Samoa Tsunami response, the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami response, the Joplin, Missouri tornado relief, the worldwide Ebola response, the worldwide Zika response, and the COVID 19 response.

Mr. Banaski has a dual Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science and Biology from Drury University and a Master of Science degree in Environmental Management from Webster University. He also holds a Master Exercise Practitioner certification from the Department of Homeland Security and the Certified Emergency Manager designation from the International Association of Emergency Managers.

Mr. Banaski has previously served as an Adjunct Professor for Drury University in Springfield, MO, and is currently an Adjunct Instructor for Emory University and Georgetown University.