Mary Fitzgerald

District Nurse

Mary Fitzgerald is a school nurse with the Los Altos School District in Northern California. She has been working in the field of pediatrics since 1987. Mary previously focused on pediatric acute care settings and spent time as a pediatric nurse practitioner. She attended the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in nursing. Mary continued her education at the University of San Diego where she received a Master’s degree as a School Health Nurse Practitioner and FNP.

Mary joined the Los Altos School District health services team as a registered nurse in August 2019. When COVID-19 shut down schools in the spring of 2020, Mary and her team developed health strategies necessary for schools to reopen. The school where Mary worked was one of the first in the Bay Area to return in-person that fall, and she was a champion for creating safe learning environments. Mary and her nurse colleagues were COVID-19 experts and consultants for the district given their awareness and knowledge of rapidly changing policy guidance. Mary and the district worked closely with the company Concentric to implement pool testing programs to keep students in school. When vaccines became available, Mary volunteered her time after work and on the weekends to administer vaccines to as many people as possible in the county. Throughout the many waves of the pandemic, Mary played an enormous role in keeping students and their families healthy given her public health expertise and commitment to the district and county. 

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