Cameron Burks

Vice President, Global Safety and Security, Roku Inc. 

Cameron Burks is the Vice President of Global Safety and Security at Roku. He recently started this role after holding the same position at Adobe for three years during the course of the pandemic. Burks began his professional journey in the U.S. Department of State working as a career member of the Foreign Service and a Special Agent with the Diplomatic Security Service. He served abroad at U.S. embassies as the Regional Security Officer (RSO) and worked in areas including the U.S. Government’s counterintelligence, cybersecurity, counterterrorism and bilateral law enforcement programs. These experiences laid the foundation for his future corporation jobs in security and safety. Additionally, from 2016 to 2021, he served as a Council Member, Vice Mayor, and ultimately Mayor of Lafayette, CA. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Burks led the crisis response and risk management arm of Adobe. His team built a risk management model for the company that focused on protecting and aligning the company’s workforce and workplace. Their model was peer-reviewed by various medical professionals in regions that Adobe operated within and Burks worked closely beside Adobe executives to implement innovative COVID-19 management methods. His work at Adobe also included identifying how to assist employees and their family members all across the world during cycles of the pandemic. As part of his focus on transparency and clear communication, Burks implemented monthly fireside chats for his workforce where he would invite a health expert, such as Dr. Fauci or Dr. Rebecca Katz, to speak about scientific aspects of the pandemic. The current role Burks holds at Roku allows him to continue focusing on health, safety, and global security. Burks cites that from the COVID-19 pandemic, he has learned how important it is to focus on both preparedness and compassion during crisis management.

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