Our Work

We’ve Been Busy Lately

Our team has been busy working on a wide variety of topics – from tracking global health security funding, to surveillance methods, to neglected tropical diseases. Check out some of our recent work!

Projects and Tools

IDEA: International Disease and Events Analysis platform

We’ve created a platform for all of our integrated research tools, including global health security visualization dashboards, decision support tools, and data libraries developed by the Georgetown University Center for Global Health Science and Security. Check it out here.

Mapping/strengthening systems and capacity building

We combine laboratory backgrounds and systems analysis experience to understand the technical demands for capacity building to prevent, detect, and respond to health emergencies.

Policy advice and expertise

Our team emphasizes a practical connection between global health research, policy and practice. The Center’s work focuses on a diverse portfolio of projects and activities that strive to develop capacities to address some of the world’s most pressing global health challenges.

Global health tools and curricula

We work to create engaging, user-friendly materials that help prepare students and health officials at a variety of levels to critically engage with pressing global health issues.