The Global Health Security Seminar Series began in September 2017 in efforts to promote greater dialogue regarding pandemic preparedness across Georgetown University and the wider Washington D.C. community. The events are co-sponsored by Georgetown’s Center for Global Health Science and Security and the Global Health Initiative and occur monthly from 8–9am.

Upcoming Seminars

Friday, October 25 - Caryl Griffin

Friday, November 15 - Capt. Paul Reed



Past Seminars

September 2017 - Beth Cameron on Advancing Global Health Security and Reducing Future Biological Risk

October 2017 - Jimmy Kolker on Global Health Diplomacy & Security: Lessons Learned from the Ebola and Zika Outbreaks

November 2017 - Mukesh Chawla on the Role of the World Bank in Advancing Global Health Security

January 2018 - Jim Welch on Biosafety Applications for Global Health Security

March 2018 - Jeff Freeman on Technology for Real-Time Response


March 2018 - Nancy Knight on the CDC and Global Health Protection in an Interconnected World


September 2018 - Alpha BarryErin Sorrell, Claire Standley, and Aurelia Attal-Juncqua on Capacity Building Experiences in Guinea Following the 2014 Ebola Outbreak 


October 2018 - Billy Karesh on One Health for the 21st Century 


November 2018 - Matthew Hepburn on Technologies for Pandemic Preparedness 

Link to video recording of seminar

February 2019 - Shelly Bratton and Jim Banaski on Intersections between the Global Health Security Agenda and National Public Health Institutes


March 2019 - Ellie Graeden on Informing Influenza Response: Data Visualization and Decision Support for CDC


April 2019 - Bruce Gellin on the Role of Vaccines in Global Health Security

Link to video recording of seminar
Link to slides

April 2019 - Kumanan Wilson and Lindsay Wilson on Governance challenges to implementation of the International Health Regulations (2005)

Link to slides

September 2019 - Ron Klain on Ebola in 2019: What Has Changed Since 2014

Link to video recording of seminar